Donald Awalite known as E-Vibes or Vibes Beats is a well-renowned Music Producer, Songwriter, Content Creator, C.E.O 3ripple “R”s Entertainment and Red Room Recording Studio.

Over the years E-vibes has created a spot for himself in the Nigeria music industry hereby promoting Afrobeat genre to the world.
E-vibes is born and brought up in Lagos but originally hails from Akokwa, Ideato North L.G.A. in Imo State, Nigeria.

Throughout his life, E-vibes has always been fascinated by music and how it expresses human feelings and emotion.
His distinctive personal drive and taste emanate royalty, expresses vibrant and ambitiousness he inherited from this roots and lineage. Clans of warriors.
He bagged a degree in social work from the University of Lagos, He has also the bagged of various Awards including “Next Rated Producer” 2014 from mp3geek,
“Next Rated Producer” from Nigeria daily news, he is currently a brand ambassador to Marah Apparel and Lady Viva Fabrics.

E-vibes’s musical work has been played on various radio/ TV stations and uploaded on music site locally and International.